Introduction to the Serverless Manager module

Available since version 3.2.0



A new module has been integrated into the platform that allows the development of components in the form of Functions, using a serverless architecture. This module is based on the Open Source project fn project.

Following the scheme proposed by fn, we distinguish two concepts to be taken into account: applications and functions.

Applications encompass a set of functions, and each platform user can create as many applications as needed. These applications will have a working Git repository associated with them, where the code of all the functions that belong to these applications will reside.

Likewise, within each application, N functions can be created. For practical purposes, a function will be a code project (java/maven, python,...) with a structure that we will detail later. Each function will be responsible for executing a specific functionality.

RESTFul module architecture

The Serverless Manager module is designed with a RESTFul architecture, and it is also completely independent, this means that we can deploy it in isolation from the rest of the platform as it does not depend on any other module.

In this way you can develop a custom Front-end relying on the REST API that exposes the module. However, within the Control Panel are integrated a series of screens to operate that we will explain in another guide.