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What is this about?

Onesait Platform has 2 editions, one is Community Edition (Open Source) and the other one is Enterprise Edition (commercial support). Here you can understand the differences between them.

In this post, we’re going to cover the differences between each version and try to help you in order to decide which version you better use.

What is Onesait Platform Community Edition?

Onesait Platform Community edition is a free, open-source Digital Platform that anyone can download and use to build a complete solution over it.

It is perfect for small businesses that want to experiment and learn how to build a solution with the platform.

Because it’s open source anyone can modify it in a way to meet his own needs.

Additionally, you can take advantage of community contributions to enhance your functionality.

What is Onesait Platform Enterprise Edition?

Onesait Platform Enterprise edition is the premium paid version of the platform. It is designed for those that believe the Community edition is not enough.

It is mostly used by bigger enterprises that need advanced features, monitorization and more customizable options.

The Enterprise edition is completely backed by the Product Team. Subscribers get full support by phone and email.

Pricing also includes security updates, special features and exclusive product enhancements.

What version to use?

Community Edition is intended for developers and technical enthusiasts who want to experience the latest Onesait Platform features in non-critical environments. It also serves as the research vehicle for new features and as the platform for community-driven development and contributions.

An organization should only use Community Edition in production if they are willing to invest the resources necessary to self support their deployment with testing, problem resolution, upgrades, maintenance while also adapting the product to the needs of the enterprise.

Enterprise Edition is best suited for organizations that need enterprise-grade platform features related to scalability, performance, high availability and enterprise administration. Onesait Platform Enterprise is recommended for corporations, governments and other organizations looking for an enterprise scale, production-ready platform.

Differences Between Onesait Platform Community and Enterprise Edition

Here you can see features included in both versions (for more details about modules capabilties see Modules by Platform Distribution)

Control Panel
API Manager

Flow Engine
Identity Manager

(Base: on Spring Security)

(Base and Advanced on Keycloak)

Geo Services
Multimodal Persistence

              (Base version)

(Extensible with plugins)

Semantic Broker 
MSA Support
Digital Broker
BPM Engine
Data Flow
Data Refiner
Data Mining
Cognitive Services
Dashboards & Reports
Open Data Portal

Multimodel DataHub
IoT/Edge Broker
Digital Twin Broker
Edge Engine
Workload Consolidation

A fundamental feature provided by the Enterprise version is the ability to extend the modules of the platform through Plugins, you can see an example of how to create them here: How to extend the Platform with plugins?

Versioning Policies in onesait Platform Community and Enterprise

In the following diagram you can find how the Community and Enterprise version works and how the changes in both versions are synchronized