Version Policy onesait Cloud Platform



How many versions?

At any moment there will be 2 active versions:

    • One version per Q
    • Next stable version will be 1.2.0 that will be generated on February 15, 2019. 
    • Once this version is published, it will only include new corrective patches (not evolutive), which will generate versions 1.2.1, ...
    • Beginning in Q1 2019 the stable versions will have a name "nemotecnic".
      • Alphabetic criteria will be followed (first version begins with A) 
      • It has been chosen by voting to use 8-bit video games
    • Naming:
      • If it is the first version of the year, the first digit is increased (in 2020 we will start with 2.0.0) 
      • For the rest of Qs of the year, second digit is increased
    • Once a version is stabilized, the development version appears. If the stable version is 1.2.0, the development version would start being 1.3.0 
    • This version includes:
      • All fixes of the stable version
      • Improvements identified
      • New Features
    • Each new patch or improvement introduced will generate a change in the third digit of the version (1.3.1, 1.3.2, ...)
    • Each new feature will generate a change in the second digit of the version (1.4.0)
    • These versions are not named until one does not become a stable version.

What version to use?

  • From Platform it is recommended to use the stable version.
  • If a project / product requires new features and can not wait for the next Q version, a development version can be installed. 
  • This development version also has support from the Platform team but it must be assumed that it will be more unstable and updates will be required often.