Entities without ContextData

Available as of version 3.1.0

From version 3.1.0 in the Control Panel, Ontologies have been renamed as Entities in the Control Panel. This does not alter any functionality, simply the nomenclature has been changed for a better understanding of the concept.


Until now, the ContextData object was added to all data inserted in ontologies, except for Virtual Ontologies. This object gives us information about the user who has performed the insertion, the time of insertion, the DigitalClient used for the insertion, etc.

For project needs or audits it may be necessary not to add the ContextData object to the data inserted in the Ontology.

New Ontology Configuration

A new configuration has been added when creating an Ontology that will allow to enable/disable the option of adding the ContextDara object to the data to be inserted in the Ontology.

A new flag has been simply added to the General Information tab, which will be enabled by default when creating the Ontology: