Rule testing improvements in the Rule Engine


Available from version 3.0.0

It has been possible for a long time to create business rules on the platform thanks to the Rules Engine module.

In this Q1 we have made several significant improvements in this module, such as the support of Decision Tables, a new wrapper to be able to execute queries on ontologies in a very simple way within the rule and the possibility of loading a JSON from a file in the part rules testing.

How to upload a file to test a rule

The testing part of the rule is very important, as it helps us to know if our rule is working as expected, so we can identify possible errors in the rule that are causing the flow not to work. Given that given an input JSON, it will provide us with the output JSON after having executed our rule.

If we access the list of our rules and click on the rule that we want to test, the Test button will be enabled

If we click the button, a screen will be enabled to test the rule in two ways:

  • Putting the input JSON directly in the JSON INPUT section and hitting the test button

  • Selecting a JSON file from our team that contains our JSON and hitting the test button

With both options, what we will obtain will be the output JSON of the rule after it has been executed.