How to use Feature "Publish Notebook as a Service"?


Available from version 1.6.X

The supported languages are:

  • Spark

  • Python

To deploy a Notebook as a Microservice, the same microservice workflow is followed.

Creation of the microservice of type NOTEBOOK_ARCHETYPE

This option is available from Notebook screen or microservice management screen.


From the microservice creation screen, select the template: NOTEBOOK_ARCHETYPE. This enables the notebook selection field where you can choose the desired one (already marked if accessed from the notebook screen).

Gitlab, Jenkins and CaaS credential settings

Like the rest of microservices, it is necessary to configure the endpoints and credentials of the services involved.

Construction of the microservice image using Jenking

Like the rest of microservices, the following icon is used to launch the image construction.

Deploy of the image created in the CaaS from the docker repository

Like the rest of the microservices, the following icon is used to deploy the image in CaaS.

After that, you can find the new service in CaaS


Once deployed

Once the notebook is deployed as a microservice, a service is created in CaaS that contains a zeppelin server with a unique notebook under a static ID: 0IDSTATIC

To use the service, you can make calls by zeppelin's own REST API ( Keep in mind that the zeppelin ID of these notebooks will always be 0IDSTATIC and what will vary in the call route will be at the microservice end point (chosen in the creation step).

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