Data Governance - Data Lineage


Available from version 3.0.0


Within the scope of the Data Government, a new functionality has been created in the Platform to consult the lineage of an element. With this functionality, the relationships of an element (Ontology, Dashboard ...) with all the other elements of the Platform can be consulted, which will help to give a global vision of the impact that a change in any of the elements of the lineage may have.

Access and use

It can be accessed through the menu option DATA GOVERNANCE> View Lineage where a list will appear with all the user's elements, as well as the elements on which he has permission:

By selecting the element to be consulted on the table, the graph with the lineage of the selected element will be loaded at the bottom of the screen:

By selecting an element of the graph, additional information can be consulted and relationships can be added manually using the Add Origin and Add Target buttons to add a source or destination node respectively on the selected node:

If we select Add Target, a pop-up window will appear where we can select the type of element that we want to add to the lineage and the element:

By clicking the Add button, the manual relation is added and the graph is reloaded with the new relation:

When selecting a node that has been created as a manual relationship, the Delete Relation option will appear, which will delete said relationship.