Creating an ontology by importing an XML from an Open Data Portal



 1) First look for an XML with interesting data, for instance from an Open Data Portal. Barcelona offers a good amount of DataSets:

To test the platform's capacities, take a file with a huge amount of records, such as:

You can download it as a 48 MB XML:

Use XML format so that you can try to convert an XML to an Ontology (As you know, an ontology is internally represented with a JSON-schema; and an ontology instance is represented with a JSON):

Download it from:

2) Once it is downloaded, go to the Control Panel. Access with a Developer user:

3) Go to the option:

Once there, select the file to load:

4) The upload process will start. This can take some minutes depending on your bandwidth. Once it is loaded, you will see:

You can see that the Platform has automatically converted the previous JSON to XML:

5) (Optional) You can ask that the UI shows the JSON-Schema representing your JSON by clicking on the button  

6) Finally, click on the button  that will request you the data for your new Ontology:


and click OK

7) The load process will begin until the 45247 ontology instances are inserted:

8) Once loaded, you can go to the Query Tools to see data inserted in your ontologies:

where you will see the new ontology, ArbolesBCN: