New Control Panel Main Screen for Administrators

In order to provide Administrator users with information on the global status of the platform, the main screen displayed when accessing the Control Panel has been redesigned.

This functionality will be available on platform installations where monitoring is active. It uses the metrics provided directly by Prometheus from the installation.

In this way, the user can have a centralized view of the status and performance of each of the components that are deployed in your installation.

A number of elements are displayed on the screen:

  • Users KPIs

The total number of users, new users (created in the last 24 hours) and both active and inactive (deactivated) users are shown.

  • Entities Grapho:

A network is displayed with the elements associated with the user logged in to the control panel.

The number of items in each category is included, and by clicking on each of the items you can access each of the sections.

  • CPU usage graphs

It includes the % utilization at the current time and the use of CPUs with respect to the total available.

  • Memory usage graph

As in the previous case, the % of current use and reserved memory with respect to the total are included.

  • Platform modules deployed

The groupings that include the different installed modules are displayed, organized by distribution.

Clicking on one of them will update the associated information in the right panel:

The upper part will show the total CPU and Memory used by the modules included in that grouping.

In the lower part, the consumption detail for each of the modules is included.:

Clicking on each module will display the details of each pod that is deployed on the infrastructure.

In the event that monitoring is not active, a screen with indicators of the existing elements on the platform will be included: