Elasticsearch for Entities


Onesait Platform allows you to create ontologies in the Elasticsearch instance which contains the platform by default. The behavior of these ontologies is the same as the default persistence, MongoDB, that is, the operations are totally transparent to the user.

To create a ontology in Elasticsearch, you would go to the left panel in development and select ontologies to show the main view. Then click in the Create button to start.

You would click on the Step by step wizard to create a new ontology.

In the tab Advanced settings you would select the option ELASTIC_SEARCH to persist the new ontology in the elastic database engine.

You would fill the fields in the form as any other kind of persistence.

You would click on the button Update schema to generate it for the ontology. Once clicked you should see the schema as below.

Once created, you would click the Generate instance button to view an example instance which complies the json schema generated.

To finish creating the ontology just click on the button New to persist the changes. A popup will show with the operations to do with the new ontology, as any other persistence.