Improvements in the creation of ontologies on external databases

Before this release, you could only generate ontologies from external databases that came directly with the connection (and, therefore, forcing to include the database and/or the schema, depending on the database type, in the connection url). With this, you don’t have the abilities to cross-reference tables that are in different schemas or databases in the same connection and that the database itself allows crossing. Besides, this forced you to generate a connection of each smaller level to be able to access the tables.

With the new platform version, you can now choose the database and/or the schema (as applicable in each database) before selecting the table.

It is also possible to create new tables with these options, allowing for a comprehensive management of a database with a single connection.

Internally, the executed query will be translated into the complete path to the ontology itself.

Given this query:

Its actual execution will be: