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 More information about integration in this guide: Soporte a Keycloak como Identity Manager AdvancedAvanzado

  • Kafka Platform Broker updated to Kafka Confluent Version 6.1.1: Kafka, Zookeeper and KSQL (now KsqlDB) have been updated to Confluent version 6.1.1, with this update we now have Kafka version 2.7.0. 


  • KMS-Vault: a whole new section for the management of the life cycle of keys and secrets has been added. Thanks to this new module, it is possible to generate a large number of cryptographic tokens, their secure storage in HMS (hardware and software) and to ensure regulatory compliance in the protection of distributed digital assets. Things uses this module to protect devices and communications.


Dentro de esta línea de trabajo incluimos todas las herramientas, utilidades y capacidades de plataforma que ayudan en el Desarrollo y la OperaciónWithin this line of work we include all the tools, utilities and platform capabilities that assist in Development and Operation

  • Helm Charts for Onesait Platform CE: Helm allows you to package the Onesait Platform deployment to be deployed in Kubernetes, allowing you to "clone" your files or manifest, such as Deployment, Service, PersistentVolumeClaim, Ingress, Secret, etc... in Helm templates or Templates and packaged in a Chart. In this version we have released the code of a Helm chart to be able to deploy the Community Edition of Onesait Platform on k8s. You can fin code on github and on Artifact HUB:


  • Community Channels: we continue to grow in social networks and our web channels. During the quarter we reached the following milestones:
    • Hemos superado los 1.000 usuarios en nuestro entorno CloudLab de la Onesait Platform, consiguiendo +100 nuevos usuarios en este período.
    • Crecemos en +35 nuevos suscriptores en nuestro canal de YouTube, superando los 130 suscriptores totales, sumando +210 horas de visualización y consiguiendo +12.000 impresiones durante este trimestre.
    • Alcanzamos las 70 clonaciones en GitHub de nuestra versión Community de la Plataforma, con hasta 244 desarrolladores siguiendo el proyecto.
    • Seguimos escribiendo en DZone con dos nuevas publicaciones We have surpassed 1,000 users in our environment CloudLab, wih +100 new users in this period.
    • We grew by +35 new subscribers in our YouTube channel, surpassing 130 total subscribers, totaling +210 hours of viewing and achieving +12,000 impressions during this quarter.
    • We reached 70 cloning operations in GitHub of our Community version of the Platform, with up to 244 developers following the project.
    • We continue writing in DZone with two new publications (Making a Dashboard About COVID-19 in Portugal and y Map Viewers: Main Open Source Libraries) y  and +48.000 lecturas de nuestros artículos.
    • Mantenemos el ritmo de publicación en nuestro Blog, con 49 nuevas entradas y +21.000 lecturas trimestrales.
    • Por último, seguimos creciendo en Twitter, alcanzando los 284 seguidores, con 290 tweets publicados, 145 retweets recibidos y llegando casi a las 52.000 impresiones,000 readings of our articles.
    • We maintain the pace of publication in our Blog, with 49 new entries and +21,000 quarterly readings.
    • Finally, we continue to grow in Twitter, reaching almost 52,000 impressions.

  • CloudLab Environment updated with last quarter's version (version 2.3-immortal).